'A' NET STATION's Web Radio Basics

A simple guide, by George Maat

Give the listener the benefit of the doubt

If you don't give quality ( sound and content), you might as well not bother. Who wants to tune in to garbage? You? Me neither. If you don't want to listen to it over and over, don't waste the time of others. It CAN be done well, and with extremely limited resources.

Keep it simple stupid

Make it an instant "single-click" process for the listener to turn on the playback.

The poorest connections can still receive at 28.8 baud. If your playback format is above that, you lose audience. (people with less money to spend, countries with older internet technology, etc.) In other words, most of the rest of the world.

You can achieve excellent stereo streaming MP3 audio quality at that speed.

It reduces your own web-space requirements because the files are smaller.


Live broadcasts or recorded live broadcasts?

The end product is no different if the listener doesn't have to interact with the program.

You can record it at 7PM, save it, edit it, upload it, and have it playing from the website in minutes.

It can played over and over again, and the listener who just arrived can hear it from the very beginning, even much later than the original program was recorded.

Your technology can be much simpler, because you don't have to stream it up to your site, just upload it one time.

You can edit it before presenting it.

It doesn't require proprietary software.

(click here to download most)


Your audio must be clear.

MP3 is preferred over Real Audio because it's clearer, everywhere, and the real audio software is never truly "free".

MusicMatch Jukebox will rip CD's to MP3 format.

CoolEdit Pro will edit those MP3's professionally

CoolEdit Pro will let you then save the edited MP3 in a format that streams clearly in stereo over a 28.8 connection.

Dr.Tag will let you set the exact parameters of the MP3 tags in each file (and do BULK EDITING of multiple files) This determines what the listener reads on his MP3 player as the music is playing.

You can make MP3 music stream the EASY WAY.

Create a file with notepad or wordpad called ( for example) theplaylist.m3u

making each entry a single line, type in the location and name of each mp3 file, and the order in which you want them played - for example:


Save the .m3u file, upload it to your site, and whatever button you use to let listeners start listening, link it to this file.



Dreamweaver is the Adobe Photoshop of website design.

Ace FTP is the WinAmp of FTP software. No matter what everyone says.

Adobe Photoshop is the best photo/imagery/custom text software.



Why build in your own demise? If you have the artist's permission you can play it and no one can shut you down.

Artists, for the most part, desire exposure. Be their friend, provide links to their sites, help them reach a larger audience and everyone benefits.



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