Duck Baker & Jamie Findlay tour dates, November 2001

Duck and Jamie will be performing and teaching workshops in the Pacific
Northwest this November, so catch them if you can!

"Out of the Past", the new CD from Duck Baker & Jamie Findlay is subtitled "classic jazz guitar duos". This is not a reference to the earliest styles of the music, whose devotees like to use the term to differentiate from the more modern forms. Nor do Baker and Findlay utilize what might be thought of as a classic two-guitar approach as defined by likes of Dick McDonough and Carl Kress. The Baker-Findlay duo is based on fingerstyle, not plectrum playing, and their arrangements are considerably more involved than most jazz guitar duets. Because they are specifically interested in developing this new approach, Duck And Jamie have decided to concentrate on jazz tunes, as opposed to standards or originals, and many of the tunes on their first record are the kind of landmarks for which the term "classic"seems only natural.

Jamie Findlay is simply one of the best contemporary acoustic jazz players in the world, master of a virtuosic style that is often compared to Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny. He has studied with such giants of modern jazz guitar as Lennie Breau, Joe Pass, and Ted Greene, and is a familiar figure on the Southern California scene. His solo guitar recordings have been well received both at home and abroad. Currently, he is a member of the Acoustic Jazz Quartet, an excellent L. A. based aggregate who in 1999 made an exceptional record for the Naxos label featuring some fine Findlay originals. In addition to his solo career and regular and occasional band work, Jamie is highly sought after by vocalists who value his sensitivity as an accompanist. He has also published numerous instructional books and videos, and regularly contributes columns to guitar magazines.

One of the most highly regarded acoustic fingerstylists of his generation, Duck Baker is best known for his work in the traditional folk, ragtime, and swing worlds. Duck has been compared by Chet Atkins to Jerry Reed, but he has been a dedicated student of jazz and its history since falling in love with Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane records in the mid-60¹s. It¹s interesting to note that, while Duck¹s name is relatively new to the pages of jazz journals as a player, he has contributed to them as a writer for over three decades. Duck¹s interest in all forms of American music from its Irish and Scottish antecedents to free improvisation has been likened to classical musicians who perform repertoire from all periods from renaissance to modern music. In the mid-90's John Zorn asked Duck if he would like to make a record of tunes written by the great pianist, Herbie Nichols, and the
result was the highly acclaimed "Spinning Song".


Duck and Jamie will be performing and teaching workshops in the Pacific
Northwest this November, so catch them if you can!

Nov. 2, Fri., 8:00 PM
Serendipity 2
200 Lake Blvd.
Redding, CA 96003
530- 244-3780

Nov. 3 Sat., 11:00AM (wkshop)
Bernie's Guitars
Redding, CA

Nov. 3 Sat., 8:00 PM
Mood Swing
P.O. Bos 7583
Klamath Falls, OR 97602

Nov. 4 Sun., 8:00 PM
Bulls-Eye Bistro
Ashland Springs Hotel
212 E. Main St.
Ashland OR

Nov. 8 Thurs., 8:00 PM
Backstage Bistro
Walla Walla, WA

Nov. 9 Fri, 8:00 PM,
The Shop, 9245 Perry
Spokane, WA

Nov. 10 Sat., 7:30 PM
Battell Auditorium
Richland, WA

Nov. 14 Wed., 7:30PM
Roeder Home 2600 Sunset Dr.
Bellingham, WA

Nov. 15 Thurs. 7:00 PM(wkshop)
Mojo Music
2626 Meridian Street
Bellingham, WA

Nov. 16 Fri. and Nov. 17 Sat. 8:00 PM
Bakes Place
5024 218th Ave. N.E.
Redmond, WA

Nov. 18 Sun. 2:00 PM (wkshop)
Artichoke Music
3180 SE Hawthorn Blvd
Portland, OR

Nov. 18 Sun. 7:30PM
St. John¹s Pub
8203 N. Ivanhoe St.
Portland, OR